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sid chang is a character from the casagrandes
Sid chang spin 2 by jorballata ddz2fy0

in the episode never friending story  "Ooh, good luck, I can't wait to meet the other me." [The Santiagos head out, and Rocko comes out of Sid's bag] "Don't worry Rocko, we've still got this champ." [Lalo barks offscreen and excitedly looks at Rocko. Rocko screams and makes a run for it. Lalo darts past Sid] and spinning her into a tornado "Nice form keep those knees up."

in the episode finder weepersRonnie Anne: "Here it comes Sid!"[Ronnie Anne throws it, and Sid jumps and catches it.]
Sid: "Ronnie Anne! Go long!"
[Sid spins around and spinning into a tornado and throws it.]

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